This ministry has evolved into one that involves both coordination and leadership. The Usher Coordinator shares the responsibility with the Sacristan for ensuring all who are assigned to serve in the various liturgical ministries are present for the respective Mass. All ushers are also assigned the duty of welcoming parishioners and visitors as they come into church. Ushers shall assist attendees in finding seats.  This is especially important when Mass is full.The ushers are responsible for handling all offertory & second collections in an orderly manner and for properly securing the funds received.The ushers are also responsible for guiding the parishioners in an orderly manner to receive the Sacrament of the Eucharist.At the conclusion of Mass, ushers distribute weekly bulletins as parishioners depart. Adult men and women and mature teens are invited to participate.

Tommy Leysath at (770)-271-2770.